Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane
Telescopic Folding Cane

Telescopic Folding Cane

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Getting old is inevitable, and it is usual for the body to deteriorate, which can be fast-tracked with bad habits or an unhealthy lifestyle. But it does not stop you from enjoying your life. It is even with Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and more reasons for walking difficulties. 

These troubles of walking and more make the elderly perceive that they are a burden and worthless. As a result, they refuse to go out and do what they usually do, enjoy the beauty of life, or even breathe the fresh air. With family's encouragement and smart gadgets, we can motivate our grandma and grandpa to experience these for the rest of their lives. We bring you these crutches for the elderly to walk with stability and security.

Designed to Support the Elderly for Stable Walking

The T-shaped handle is made of soft plastic material that is easy to grip. It also prevents their hands from blisters. It is also durable enough to support the force of the grip, even the portion of body weight acted on it. The cane can stand alone with the 4-feet base, which is non-slip and can be rotated 360° to fit all kinds of trails, even on rough surfaces. The rubber tip of the stick provides a smooth tap against the surface, which is also an anti-slipping feature.

Smart Walking Stick that Saves Life

One of the unique features of the cane is the alarm button. The alarm button in the side of the grip serves as a warning system. By pressing this red button, you can warn the people around the area that you are in need of urgent help or in an emergency.

Twin Handle Cane

The main handle contains the alarm button and the switch of the led light. The second pivoting handle provides body support. It creates an equal weight distribution to reduce strains on the back and legs, effectively helping sitting down and standing up. The maximum weight that it can support is up to 200 lbs.

Easy to Adjust

The telescopic aluminum shaft can adjust accordingly with your grandparents' height and need. The maximum length is 95 centimeters with 5 level adjustments. Its collapsible or folding feature makes the stick easy to carry.

Led Lights for Safe Night Walks

The stick has a built-in led light that can also be adjusted by up to 60 degree angle. By pressing the red button on top of the handle, you can now use it as a torch in dark areas, especially on stairs and inclined surfaces. It is to prevent slipping and avoid accidents. It allows our elderly to walk stably, even for night walks in the front yard.


  • Shaft Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Tip Material: Rubber
  • Length: 86-95cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Handle: T-handle